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Thursday's Web Redemption – Reh Dogg

Posted by: Chris Lesinski | July 27, 2009 at 1:00PM

Reh Dogg's internet hit "Why Must I Cry" makes us hearken back to the Tay Zond-days. Here's how Reh Dogg describes the song:

This music video is about a man whom befriended a fatherless ghetto boy. The boy stole from him time and time again. This video also speaks of a man who fathered twins with a woman he felt no love for. This song is highly emotional and it's not about how well the singer is it's about expression of hard times.

"Why Must I Cry" needs a little upgrade, just like the one Dr. Pepper granted to Mr. Zonday. That's why he's this week's web redemption. I smell auto-tuning…

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