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Man Has 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts, Zero Chance of Getting Anywhere Near Julia Roberts

Posted by: Carly Hallam | March 10, 2011 at 2:00PM

I don't know who taught Miljenko Parserisas how to be a crazy stalker but it certainly wasn't me. Because I know the best way to get near your favorite celebs is to act like you have no idea who they are.

The first time I met Enrique Iglesias (yes, at this moment I am admitting that Enrique Iglesias is among my favorite celebs), I was all like, "Enrique who? Igalayseeus? Sounds familiar. Are you a singer?" And he was all like, "Yes, we're backstage at my concert. You're holding my concert ticket in your hand." And I was all like, "Yeah. Thought your name rang a bell."

Nailed it. That's how stalk a famous person.

Miljenko, on the other hand, isn't getting within 500 feet of Julia Roberts.

Well, we can't all have an underwear drawer filled with signed guitar picks.

[via BWE]