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A Very Important Cat Video

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | June 15, 2010 at 11:00AM

I've learned a lot from this video.

1) Slapping kittens is okay! For years, people have been telling me to stop slapping kittens, but here, we see an adult cat slapping a baby cat.  If cats are fine with slapping each other, it's totally alright for me to slap them too.  Just like how we're allowed to use the "n-word" because black people use it with each other.

2) Hitting someone wearing a tiny hat is funny! Hitting people is typically considered "wrong."  But it's not wrong if that person is wearing a tiny hat.  Why?  Because hitting someone wearing a tiny hat is always hilarious.  And things that are funny are never wrong.  Unless the person you hit dies.  Then you have committed murder… which is, supposedly, wrong.  (Maybe one day the courts will allow us to murder people who wear tiny hats.)

3) Even cats are embarrassed by the way they are portrayed on the Internet! Cats get a bad rap for being the clowns of the Internet, but not all cats appreciate this portrayal.  It's like when one Jew berates another Jew for leaving a bad tip.  This cat clearly is sending a message to its feline companion that we all have to break stereotypes together.

Who knew cat videos could be so informative.