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B-Holes with Dr. Kramer - Uncensored

Aired: 04/08/2014 | Views: 41,570
Dr. Joseph Kramer gives Daniel and his audience tips on how to get more pleasure out of their sphincters.

Todd Glass' Awful Prank Show - Army Wife - Uncensored

Aired: 04/01/2014 | Views: 8,590
Todd Glass pranks a member of the Tosh.0 audience whose husband is serving overseas in the military.

Cooking in the Clink: Toilet Wine - Uncensored

Aired: 03/25/2014 | Views: 30,046
As the host of "Last Meal," Daniel gives a step-by-step tutorial in how to make wine in a prison toilet using a few hard-to-get ingredients.

You Can't Put That on Television

Aired: 03/04/2014 | Views: 27,322
Daniel challenges his audience to guess whether real notes from network censors pertain to Tosh.0.

Video Breakdown - Bad Base Jump

Aired: 11/12/2013 | Views: 101,857
A base jumper issues an apology after sustaining a gruesome injury.

Audience Reaction Video - Happy Halloween

Aired: 10/29/2013 | Views: 52,420
Daniel gets into the spirit of the holiday by showing his audience a disgusting video and filming their reaction.

Bowl O' Gravy Drinking Game

Aired: 10/01/2013 | Views: 41,342
Daniel's audience gets interactive with Fat Man as he drinks an entire bowl o' gravy.

Rockie Kid Advice

Aired: 09/10/2013 | Views: 23,621
An overzealous first base coach schools a young fan, and Daniel unloads some wisdom on a nine-year-old in the audience..

Daniel's Groundhog Day Countdown

Aired: 05/14/2013 | Views: 116,293
Daniel clears up the mystery of his countdown clock and lets his fans decide what he should do when his time is up.

"What's Your Name?" Responses

Aired: 04/16/2013 | Views: 45,207
Daniel's fans film themselves reciting a crazy man's answer to "What's your name?"