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Extended Interview - Carnival Dude

Aired: 10/01/2013 | Views: 10,195
Daniel digs deep to get to the bottom of why someone would gamble $2600 to win a prize worth only a few hundred bucks.

Carnival Life Savings

Aired: 10/01/2013 | Views: 14,241
Daniel gives the guy who lost his life savings in a carnival game a chance to win it back in the high stakes tent.

Spelling Bee Kid

Aired: 06/19/2012 | Views: 52,091
Daniel asks spelling bee contestant Chris why he had so much trouble spelling the word "heron."

Extended Interview - Spelling Bee Kid

Aired: 06/19/2012 | Views: 28,123
Daniel and Chris talk about the shame that comes with losing a spelling bee.