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Extended Interview - Model Teacher's Web Redemption

Aired: 03/25/2014 | Views: 38,738
Victoria describes the sorry state of Florida's school system and tells the story behind her modeling name.

Web Redemption - Model Teacher

Aired: 03/25/2014 | Views: 47,209
Daniel calls a board of education meeting to determine whether to reinstate a Florida teacher who was fired for moonlighting as a lingerie model.

Extended Interview - "Risky Business" Girls' Redemption Reunion

Aired: 10/22/2013 | Views: 34,621
Now a full-fledged model, Fanny returns to talk about her ducks, her boyfriend and whether or not she thinks Daniel is creepy.

Redemption Reunion Spectacular - Where Are They Now?

Aired: 10/22/2013 | Views: 20,752
Balloon Bill talks health care, Afro Ninja discusses his stunt career, Chris Crocker shares his post-"Leave Britney Alone" porn, and the "Risky Business" girl models swimwear.

Plus Size Model

Aired: 04/02/2013 | Views: 88,441
After this plus-sized model falls on a runway, Daniel helps her transition to print work.

Extended Interview - Plus Size Model

Aired: 04/02/2013 | Views: 28,285
Daniel finds out the differences between plus size modeling and standard skinny modeling.

Girl in Heels

Aired: 06/26/2012 | Views: 83,553
A beauty pageant contestant shatters her dreams and her ankles.

Extended Interview - Brad the Actor

Aired: 10/11/2011 | Views: 45,200
Daniel hooks up Brad the aspiring actor to an e-meter at the Church of Scientology while discussing his video reel.

Brad the Actor

Aired: 10/11/2011 | Views: 100,049
Daniel Tosh finds out if Brad the non-union actor/print model has what it takes to make it in show business.

The $150,000 Tosh.0 Marathon

Aired: 07/19/2011 | Views: 232,109
Daniel hosts a marathon on Hermosa Beach, CA, with a Tosh.0 twist.