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Kite Loop - Uncensored

Aired: 03/04/2014 | Views: 32,978
An amateur parasailer takes a nasty fall into the water when the wind changes, and Daniel demonstrates how to stay relaxed while on vacation.

Dolphin Birth

Aired: 10/09/2012 | Views: 40,757
Daniel experiences the miracle of dolphin birth and death.

Eating Jellyfish

Aired: 06/19/2012 | Views: 61,207
A Russian man eats a rare jellyfish on the beach, inspiring Daniel to make lunch for a child.

Extended Interview - Surfer Interview Fail

Aired: 09/27/2011 | Views: 76,490
Daniel talks to Micah the surfer about what is probably the most famous surfing YouTube video out there.

Surfer Interview Fail

Aired: 09/27/2011 | Views: 168,248
Tosh and Micah the morning news surfer discuss the bad rep surfers get from movies and the inspiration for surfing sound effects.

Cruise Ship

Aired: 09/22/2010 | Views: 346,984
People who still go on cruises deserve to be smacked around a little.