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Grabby Gorilla

Aired: 04/08/2014 | Views: 42,832
A wild ape tries to abscond with an elderly tourist, and a gorilla in Daniel's office tries to be appropriate around his female coworkers.

Extended Interview - "Risky Business" Girls' Redemption Reunion

Aired: 10/22/2013 | Views: 34,670
Now a full-fledged model, Fanny returns to talk about her ducks, her boyfriend and whether or not she thinks Daniel is creepy.

Redemption Reunion Spectacular - Where Are They Now?

Aired: 10/22/2013 | Views: 20,764
Balloon Bill talks health care, Afro Ninja discusses his stunt career, Chris Crocker shares his post-"Leave Britney Alone" porn, and the "Risky Business" girl models swimwear.

Is It Racist? - N-Word Webcam Girl

Aired: 09/24/2013 | Views: 53,066
A large lady's call for some lovin' prompts Daniel to ask the eternal question.

CeWEBrity Profile - Ready to Mingle

Aired: 05/07/2013 | Views: 41,068
Daniel has seen some creepy s**t on the internet, and this is up there.

The Reprimand

Aired: 10/09/2012 | Views: 53,947
A mature tween confronts her pedophile uncle, and Daniel picks the worst time to break bad news to people.

Slap/Lick/Fondle Mashup

Aired: 07/10/2012 | Views: 60,670
Fans slap, lick and fondle their friends just to share it with Daniel.


Aired: 07/03/2012 | Views: 302,694
Stop sitting around and dreaming with F**k/Marry/Kill -- play Daniel's new, more satisfying game.

Extended Interview - How-to-Flirt Guy

Aired: 06/26/2012 | Views: 45,241
Daniel and Alex have an intimate conversation about Alex's sexual history and dating wisdom.