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Vagina Knitting

Aired: 12/10/2013 | Views: 126,032
A super quirky craftswoman knits sweaters out of wool she keeps in her vagina.

Is It Racist? - N-Word Webcam Girl

Aired: 09/24/2013 | Views: 53,066
A large lady's call for some lovin' prompts Daniel to ask the eternal question.

CeWEBrity Profile - P***y Power Extended Interview

Aired: 04/30/2013 | Views: 24,587
Daniel and Alexyss discuss circumcision, average penis size and renewable energy.

CeWEBrity Profile - P***y Power

Aired: 04/30/2013 | Views: 125,113
Daniel gives a public access television host a bigger forum to explain what exactly p***y power means.

Daniel's Gift Guide

Aired: 12/04/2012 | Views: 15,650
Daniel gives his advice on the best gifts this holiday season for people of all ages.

Extended Interview - Virgin Trampoline Jumper

Aired: 11/27/2012 | Views: 106,727
Daniel offers up expert love advice for a hapless 37-year-old virgin on a quest to get laid.

Virgin Trampoline Jumper

Aired: 11/27/2012 | Views: 293,260
With the aid of Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope, Daniel tries to help this guy lose his virginity.

In Her Skin

Aired: 07/24/2012 | Views: 212,520
In a latex she-skin female body suit, Daniel realizes that men and women aren't so different.

Salty Clam

Aired: 07/17/2012 | Views: 163,656
Video of a salt-eating clam inspires some experimentation.

Extended Interview - How-to-Flirt Guy

Aired: 06/26/2012 | Views: 45,241
Daniel and Alex have an intimate conversation about Alex's sexual history and dating wisdom.